Tony Perrot

Somthing Weired!

Structure . Logic . Function . Control
A video about using logic to be in control of one’s own self.
Produced, Directed & Animated by Tony Perrot​
Music Composed & Performed By Tony Perrot
© MMXV fourReels Studios™. All rights reserved.

Current Location: Pillars Of Creation in the Eagle’s Nebula.

I am Tony Perrot and I started FourReels Studios™ LLC. 15 years ago.

Previosly I worked as an animator for two companies and as a film and video editor. I have produced over 300 songs and soundtracks for artists, TV and Radio commercials and other forms of advertising.

I’ve also worked 10 years as Lead programer for a world security company where I developed applications and web-based interfaces for fortune companies like Google, Microsoft and Sun Micro-systems. As an IT for the company I secured servers as well as database’ . I study particle physics and mathematical encryption algorithms as well as being fluent in 8 programing languages.

FourReels Studios™ now has 11 key people working here along with 23 other talented people. Partners and numerous investors help to bring the finest soultions to the entertainment industry , corporate clients and the general public.